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Limitations of Chromecast, Reality of Chromecast and customer reviews

After every new arrival of Google we probably see every blogger is making a post without knowing even a single functionality of that device obviously they don’t have it, isn’t it? But they have to make a boost to news, making it a buzz and all that. But what happens when everyone posts the same material, it encourages a end user blindly to quickly grab a piece of the action.

Limitations of Chromecast, Reality of Chromecast and customer reviewsSimilarly the case is here with Google Chromecast the amount of material that has been posted on this product, last week is much enough to make it a trend to have a Chromecast which is a Google’s new dongle in everyone's pocket without knowing what this device is for?

I have a proof about what I am talking about but wait a minute I have to tell you some more about this phenomenon lets read one of end user review:

I canceled my order once I found out that it actually doesn't stream from your device. All it does apparently is stream directly from youtube or Netflix. Your pc or smartphone is essentially a remote to tell the device where the URL link is.
                                                                (Mick Lam) a member of community

Amazing isn’t it? More ever it also needs power supply that nobody is telling and also everyone is wondering that where to find the list of TV manufacturers that support Chromecast?
In the same conversation it was asked

"Can it take power from the HDMI socket on newer TV's? I thought it could. If so then it's an attractive solution for them. Otherwise, dead."
                                                                (dan_amd) a member of community

Someone said Chromecast can be powered by HDMI, USB on the TV and Power adopter but one of the technical person of their community replied

“Source please. Power over HDMI is not a possibility since all it can "supply" is a maximum of 50mA via pin 18. I would be *very* surprised if any video streaming device can survive with that little current.” 
                                                                (Magius) a member of community

Google Chrome is appearing with ambiguous documentation and no proper sources of its pros and cons all you have to do is to buy it because it costs only 35$ and after buying you will get proper experience that you suffered from hurrah!
Limitations of Chromecast, Reality of Chromecast and customer reviews

The fact is that there is no live TV aside from a separate remote and cable box with a vastly different interface. That’s just one major downside that makes mass market adoption unlikely. Basically it is just a internet connection to your TV that can have many benefits to someone who needs to surf Youtube, Netflix or a few websites that is supported by Chromecast but it doesn’t makes sense that it’s a live TV and you have remote in your android phone.
Further investigation and reading what our colleagues need to say have left us even a lot of perplexed
Limitations of Chromecast, Reality of Chromecast and customer reviews
because the Verge claims that Chromecast doesn’t produce peer-to-peer association during a manner Apple AirPlay or Miracast do. Chromecast runs internet apps apart of your phone or tablet streaming the content directly from the net, not mirroring it. you'll browse the hands on here.

Limitations of Chromecast, Reality of Chromecast and customer reviewsLimitations of Chromecast, Reality of Chromecast and customer reviewsThis lets us marvel if a video that you derived from your notebook to tablet would ever stream on Chromecast, and therefore the same goes for private videos that you just have on your phone. we'll attempt to get an answer to that however it sounds unlikely creating the AirPlay, WiDi or Miracast alternative a better solution, at least for now.

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